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We invite you to join us in our home-based studio in Cheltenham where you will experience relaxation, inner peace and freedom of your innermost being.  Using nurturing therapies and treatments our aim is to rebalance the body and soul and nurture your greatest gift – your health. 


To view all the therapies and treatments we offer please visit our Browse and Booking page.

Our holistic treatments are 'experiences' as we work very carefully to tailor these for you. We offer a free consultation before each treatment and use a fusion of massage, Reiki and energy healing clearing to best suit your individual needs. We also offer complimentary crystal healing, organic balms and chakra oils to enhance your healing and uplift your 'experience'. Everything we use is organic and natural.

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Rock Beam Yoga Courses – yoga with a universal twist.


We bring you a brand new, illuminating and rejuvenating experience to your yoga practice.  Rock Beam Yoga is yoga infused with Reiki and crystal healing. 

We are running several yoga courses throughout 2019 that will enable you to restore wellbeing, balance, fitness, build strength, flexibility and, homestasis in your energetic system and inner peace. We run regular beginners and mixed/ all ability courses focusing on building your confidence with asanas and a keen focus on correct alignment, hot yoga and chakra focused yoga. Vinyasa and Hatha styles which challenge and completely invigorate the 3D and ethereal body.


We offer complimentary master level Reiki healing and the use of our sacred crystals chosen from our beloved treasure chest before your asana practice. Simply choose your chosen gems for use on your yoga mat - and you! Beams of Master Level Reiki healing are sent out at the beginning and end of practice to rejuvenate and restore your equilibrium before asana practice.  


Gems and Reiki have many healing and restorative qualities, so by choosing the perfect gem to suit your mood at the time of practicing you will enhance your yogic experience by far.  


Think Chakra balancing candy! Healing rocks and nurturing yoga asanas to awaken your chakras, energising beams and one beautiful, universal team.


Read my blog about my life changing yoga teaching training in Goa, India, where I took inspiration for Rock Beam Yoga.


Namaste, Nina x

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