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Yin-Yang Therapies



Please note we offer a FREE call back, just email us to request one if you prefer to chat!



Mon-Fri: 9:30am - 3pm

Alternative week late Fridays

Sat/Sun treatments by approved request only

Whether you are looking for Reiki healing, Reiki training or just a healing Reiki attunement to remove energetic blockages and restore balance and vitality - you are in the right hands. We also offer master level Reiki for all our treatments. To offer master level Reiki, you need to visit a certified Reiki Master. We also hold an advanced Reiki teaching certification to teach Reiki to other students. If Reiki is not your thing, we also offer holistic experiences which focus on massage as therapy, including deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, holistic massage, Swedish body massage, alongside Reiki, energy cleansing and crystal healing. We also offer yoga, teach yoga regularly, hot yoga, fitness yoga, healing yoga, and offer classes online, in-person and private tuition.

Everything we use is natural and non-toxic and we pride ourselves on offering the most unique holistic experience, tailored exactly for you. If you want more from your holistic experiences, and you are looking for a complete physical and soul cleanse from within, you are in the right place.

Wishing you health, happiness & peace on your healing journey...


Nina x

Downward Dog Pose

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