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How to recover from Narcissistic Abuse...
Reclaim your power now!

Narcissism is sadly increasing at an alarming rate and professionally I have encountered many clients who are unfortunately suffering from the trauma of 'Narcissistic Abuse'. They are often in desperate need of emotional, spiritual and physical healing to enable them to take their own power back and to help them begin to understand their experience - which is often clouded by 'cognitive fog'. This abuse can infiltrate their lives on every single level. I have also experienced this at a personal level and have many years of knowledge regarding this type of abuse. I am passionate in using my knowledge and experience to help others who are suffering to turn their lives around and ultimately overcome their trauma. Transcending trauma to become the best versions of themselves. Yes - it is very possible to go from victim to victor!

So what is Narcissism? It is characterised by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a larger than life ego, a lack of empathy for others, a need for excessive admiration, a fear of being alone and the belief that one is unique and deserving of special treatment. Narcissists will often deflect, project, and gaslight your reality because they are 'broken' themselves, often as a result of deep childhood wounds or 'perceived' or actual abandonment in early development. There are many other emotionally abusive tactics they will use to ensure they are in control. This is a big field of study.

Narcissists predominantly have a heightened and/or irrational fear of being abandoned which includes being highly insecure. Hidden away, this innate fear often sabotages their close and intimate relationships. They frequently have a history of broken relationships and/ or few real friends or family around them. They end up pushing everyone or most people away through this self-fulfilling fear. The sad reality is, it doesn't matter how much reassurance you give a Narcissist that you would not leave and even if you do all you can to show them your authentic love or friendship, they actually cannot believe this. Their minds cannot think differently due to their early conditioning. (unless they have committed to extensive recovery treatment and even this seldom works)

So they try to counter this 'threat' by every means possible and end up ruining their relationships. Consequently, they can rarely maintain healthy, authentic, long term and/or unconditional relationships. Their excessive insecurity is often hidden behind a charming and overly confident fake mask. They often 'love bomb' early on in relationships and frequently lavish gifts and place their victims on a pedal stool in a completely excessive manner. This often hooks people in as they feel great of course! But beware - it is not without conditions and it is not authentic. It is also completely over-the-top and totally unsustainable..

Narcissists create a facade and an illusion of who they are. When you first meet, they portray themselves as happy, healthy, balanced individuals when the truth is they have very deep wounds that they have not yet been addressed which means they cannot sustain a healthy relationship. Deep inside they are very fragile. After some time, when they feel confident that they have someone so close and so emotionally invested that they cannot leave easily, their true self will reveal itself. The mask then slips and you get to see the real deal...

Narcissists are addicted to 'Narcissistic supply' which is the attention they receive and in fact crave from you, be it from a dedicated fan group, social media validation or indeed anyone that they are relating to in close or sometimes further proximity. Often it may be their spouse, partner or friends who they leech off for this supply in a needy and often disturbing or desperate manner. This is because this supply is their lifeline, their oxygen - as it temporarily fills the psychological wounds they have hidden - and without supply they often collapse into 'depression' or 'Narcissistic Collapse'. They always have a primary source of 'Narcissistic Supply' and cannot bear to be alone, they often have many other supply sources too behind closed doors at the same time, just waiting in line in case their first source is diminished. 

They must have this supply at all costs as this feeds their very fragile and insecure egos. If this supply suddenly stops or is removed, for example if a spouse or partner leaves them due to their abusive behaviour or someone questions their opinion perhaps - they often react very extremely and out of proportion to the event in question. This is called a 'Narcissistic Injury'. They seek power, dominance and control in relationships from the very beginning as they have a deep, innate and hidden fear you will leave - and in order prevent this they must control everything, at all costs. If you are lucky enough to escape this dysfunction, be prepared as they will use many traumatic tactics to bring back a 'level playing field'. After this 'injury' be very careful if you find yourself around them at this time as they can be highly unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Even if you have already left or have removed yourself from close proximity to them, you will still need to be very cautious. Put your safety first as a priority and make sure you protect yourself at all costs.

If you encounter someone who consistently exhibits these behaviours, it's very likely you are dealing with a highly 'Narcissistic' individual. NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) may not be diagnosed by a professional very often as they often reject any help or refuse counselling but that does not mean the person who you are dealing with does not have the behavioural traits of 'Narcissism'. Please note these traits are also on a spectrum and they are many different types of 'Narcissism'. If this is resonating with you - you need support and you need to make a plan.



I am proud to offer expert and unique 1-1 confidential, private coaching and mentoring to enable you to overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing as a result of suffering from 'Narcissistic Abuse'.

My healing mentoring sessions are priced at £55 and last 60 minutes.

Either in person or via Zoom/ Teams. Each session will include the following:

  1. Assessing your personal and individual situation where I will ask you a set of specific questions

  2. Providing a short-term plan which addresses immediate priority points

  3. Reducing the effects emotional abuse with practical, psychological and spiritual advice

  4. Creating a long-term plan to overcome and remove yourself from 'Narcissistic Abuse'

  5. Empowerment, building resilience, safe guarding yourself emotionally and physical

  6. After your session, I will forward a free, non-obligational recovery plan recommendation to assist you in ongoing healing, for example: a blend of some of the following: healing yoga, massage, spiritual healing, Reiki treatments, Reiki training, distant Reiki healing, online yoga plans to rebuild and release the trauma. I can help support you from where ever you are the in the world...(please note my time zone is UTC)

Please contact me via to find out more or to book a session by visiting:

We also offer lower cost sessions, for long term support,

please see our Pricing Plans by clicking here

My passion is to ensure you actually thrive, instead of just survive and to help you to become the victor instead of remaining the victim. Please see my latest certification in this subject subject matter below.

Start to take back your power from this day forward and free yourself...Namaste, Nina x

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery certification
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