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Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India
Early morning meditation in Goa, India. Yoga teacher training in India
My Yin-Yang Therapies story began in 2009 in Cheltenham when I was first introduced to the natural healing system of Tibetan Usui Reiki. I was diagnosed a few years before this with PCOS and endometriosis and was desperately trying to find a holistic therapy that could help heal and manage my painful and inflammatory condition. Nothing I tried seemed to work, I was suffering daily and  did not want to resort to Western drugs as I knew they would exacerbate an even bigger imbalance in my hormones. That was until I tried Reiki...
From my very first treatment in Cheltenham, my pain levels were significantly reduced, my inflammation went down and I felt much more energised, relaxed and de-stressed. My body started to heal a little more with each treatment I had, and eventually I was able to fall pregnant with my gorgeous son who is now 10 years old!  From my very 1st treatment I was hugely inspired to start working with energy. I found it so fascinating that by channelling positive energy we could help mange all sorts of health issues and emotional problems. So inspired, I went to study for my Reiki 1st degree, which allowed me to self-heal and practise on family and friends. I practised on everyone I could get my hands on...(ask my family and friends!) and then decided that I wanted to offer my services to the wider community. I wanted to share my gift to help heal and inspire others. After many charity treatments and much training with energy, I went on to study for my Reiki 2nd Degree. After passing my second degree I was then certified to Practitioner level (level 2) and very soon began my journey of sharing my wonderful gift with Cheltenham. I set up my Reiki practise under the name of WakeyReiki and grew my business from there.


I totally fell in love with helping others. I could see clearly how Reiki was lifting clients out of chronic depression, anxiety, facilitating better sleep, combatting chronic fatigue and boosting vitality and happiness! I decided I wanted to go to the highest level possible with Reiki as I was witnessing so many positive health benefits after treating clients. I began studying my certified Masters and Advanced Reiki Teacher certificates. The incredible results of treatments I gave clients spurred me on even more. Improved sleep, reduced depression, broken bones mending much quicker, congested sinuses clear, insomnia disappearing, fertility brought back to those who longed to conceive, new pregnancies, highly stressed clients reporting of no more issues with negative thoughts, anxiety lifting, energy back, babies sleeping better, colic and teething improved and so on. I passed and became a Reiki Master and an Advanced Reiki Teacher. I now had the gift to send distant healing to anyone in the world. And I could train others to learn Reiki now too. Passing on my gift of Reiki healing to others is something I feel very humbled by.  


In the years I have been treating I have supported and helped pregnant ladies, many clients with infertility problems, have had many women who have fallen pregnant while having treatments with me, treated celebrities, treated dogs, cats, children, babies, the elderly, very sick people, suffering from Parkinsons, Dementia, ME, paralysis, chronic fatigue, clients with chronic stress and mental health issues, severe depression or just about anyone who just wanted a recharge, energy restored and pathways cleared or chakras aligned for optimum health and vitality. I'm proud to say I now teach levels 1 & 2 and Masters myself and enjoy supporting many students others on their energy journeys. I help support and mentor many new or expanding therapists on their first steps to becoming Reiki practitioners or just those that wish to develop their spiritual and personal development.

I stayed with the Reiki love for a few years more and then thought why not expand and embrace the thing I love? Helping others of course. Balancing people for the better. I decided to try my hands at Swedish Massage. A beautiful treatment and service to compliment the Reiki. Following on from there I passed my Indian Head massage certificate. Then my holistic facials course, threading and so on. I decided to re-brand to Yin-Yang Therapies to incorporate my wider holistic skillset and now I am lucky enough to be running the business of my dreams. 


More recently I went to the beautiful healing shores of Goa, India to pursue my dream of becoming a Yoga teacher. I spent a month studying very intensively to pass my certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and was very grateful to be  taught by some of the most talented and gifted Yoga teachers Masters in India. I am now teaching yoga every week to the Cheltenham community and absolutely love my new calling. I mix Vinyasa flow style yoga with Hatha. My sessions include Reiki and Crystal healing and are very unique. My yoga business is called Rock Beam Yoga. A beautiful nurturing fusion of Vinyasa+Hatha+Master level Reiki+Crystal Healing. You can find the latest info and news on classes and courses here:

I also share lots of holistic tips, news and info on my Instagram page, I'd love you to follow and connect with our community x


My holistic treatments are more of an 'experience' as I work very carefully to tailor these for my clients. I offer a free consultation before each treatment and use a fusion of Massage, Reiki and Energy healing clearing to best suit your individual needs. I also offer complimentary crystal healing, organic balms and chakra oils to enhance your healing and uplift your 'experience'. Everything I use is organic and natural.


My beautifully fused treatments make the offering from Yin-Yang Therapies very unique and different. Massage is not just massage with us!Yin-Yang Therapies helps you find your optimum balance, naturally. Yes you can sample each signature treatment as it is....but I can also mindfully blend them so they are perfect - just for you. Health consultations come free with every treatment too, it's our complimentary gift to you.

Our treatments are more like a holistic journey as I intuitively blend in Crystal healing and Reiki for free, where I know this will benefit the client.

Remember my friends that your health is your biggest wealth. Thanks for reading and I look forward to rejuvernating you  all soon... 

Namaste x

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