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Thread My Head!

Time for you to shine with confidence...

Time to shine....

Summer is here which means more sunshine and every little thing getting illuminated. Great when you're feeling confident and fresh faced but not so great when you in a little need of hair removal! We provide a gorgeously nurturing hair removal service by using the safe and effective ancient Indian technique of threading. This means hair does not grow back for 6-8 weeks as the hairs are removed from the root. Threading is an ancient hair removal technique from the face. It works very well for parts of the body that are sensitive or require precision like brows, upper lip, chin, sides and other facial areas. Our treatments are quick, precise, plus they lengthen re-growth period.

We are offering a fantastic deal for summer, have as much hair removal as you like - including eyebrows, lip, cheeks, face, neck - all for just £10!

We provide a comforting, relaxing environment with beautiful incense and a heated bed to relax on.

If you want to turn this beauty treatment into something more a little more nurturing and holistic then we can add a 10 minute crown chakra cleanse on top (great to sooth the body after hair removal) of the threading (15 mins) to rebalance and recharge your mind, body and soul for just an extra £5.

This is also the best way to allow redness which is experienced after hair removal to naturally and quickly subside. Just drop us an extra note when booking online to let us know.

Book online now here:

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