How to get yourself 'Unstucked'....

So how do you get yourself 'unstucked', out of feeling trapped and in a bit of a 'freeze'? The freeze or procrastination can often be an automatic response to a situation that is out of our control. Something external that happens to us. It is common to feel trapped out of fear, panicky - and sometimes the body sometimes shuts down into a freezing mode which is also seen in the wild. When animals fear for their lives, they often freeze - and play dead.

However - this is not the wild so here's the good news. You can take charge and master your emotions and not let them hold you back. And here's a few top methods to use, but there are many more you can research online and try out for yourself.

1) Review how you talk to yourself. The most important voice and opinion is your own. How do you talk to yourself on a daily basis? No I don't mean madly babbling to yourself madly in the mirror. But those critical, silent words you tell yourself when you think. I often hear clients saying "i should have done that"....or "I should really do this..." which is often a perpetrator to making them feel bad about choices they have made - or have not yet made. It's too easy to berate yourself or cast an oppressive and negative response to yourself using these words. Instead - switch it up and try to actively avoid using the word 'should'. Replace with..."I could..." - and see how a subtle switch in self-talk helps empower you by giving you a non-judgemental choice and at the same time uplifts your mood and hence your positivity and proactiveness... taking you out of being or feeling stuck.

2) Be proactive rather than reactive. It applies to everything and anything that is happening to you or has already occured, in this experience we call life. Yes things will sometimes be hard, life will challenge us and just when we think we've got over the latest obstacle...another one comes in. Bang. Life will continually test us and we need to accept that fact if we are to get on a smoother ride with it all. Once we get OK with the fact that life will not always be smooth sailing, and that we can only do our best and if we have a large challenge, instead of getting angry, upset or infact freezing and not doing anything at all....(and in effect creating our own prison) we get proactive. What can we do to change or improve the situation we face? Take small, persistent steps to making proactive and positive changes. One day at a time - and see how these smalls changes mount up over time to big positive changes.

3) Widen your social interactions with people. Join new groups, fitness classes, start new hobbies and get out and mix with people from different ages, backgrounds and cultures. (obviously with pre-cautions due to the current restrictions) This will help empower you as you build a new support network to help encourage and motivate you when you feel 'stuck' or trapped in life. Others can be a real help in supporting your forward movement.

4) Be OK with feeling stuck. We are all human and emotions are built into our DNA. Be OK with that emotion just bubbling away in the background. Acknowledge it but don't buy into it fully. Become the watcher of your emotions, sailing down that river. No judgement - just observing them. Once you are aware of how you are feeling, you can do something about it and take a higher perspective. The worse thing is to berate yourself for feeling that way and also to just ignore your feelings and bury them away. If you accept your emotion and this feeling of being stuck, you can do something proactive about it, step by step. We are all human after all and life is not a sprint. We must work at making a happy, successful and healthy, balanced life every day with small actions.

5) Do something outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. Don't stay stuck because it feels safe and familiar. If you want to grow as a person, or professionally you need to come out of the comfort cave. The more you can do this - the better your life will be and the more empowered you will feel. Yes it will feel scary and you will try to talk yourself out of it. But go with one toe out to start with and then try again another time, when you feel ready. Ride out that feeling of being stuck and going nowhere with empowered feelings of making positive change.

6) Sometimes our energy becomes stagnant due to feeling unbalanced, experiencing stress, anxiety which result in repressed or unsettled emotions. Emotional and physical blockages can form in the 3D and 5D body as a result. I highly recommend coming for an energetic cleanse if that is the case and one of our most popular treatments for cleansing the energetic system is Beam Me Up which uses master level Reiki healing to treat the physical and emotional body...Reiki can really help reduce stress and anxiety and also energise the entire system. Reiki is also a great way to balance the chakras (energetic wheels) in the nervous system to facilitate vitality and good health, while calming and removing negative thoughts in the mind. Check out this link for more info or to book online:

I hope that helps some of you out there that are currently feeling stuck and frozen. Master that mind and take your control back. You are the captains of your ships my dear ones, no-one else.


Nina x

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