Mindfulness - what does this mean to you?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

We hear the phrase over and over in the wellbeing and health arenas. So of course I understand the meaning is meant to be sincere and helpful, but actually I avoid using this word. Why? Because when we are trying to relax and regain our own balance and homeostasis - we do not want our mind to be full. Infact we want the exact opposite. A full mind, is an overwhelmed mind. And we need to empty the mind on a regular basis to keep it healthy and functioning as it should. The grand aim is to detox that rebellious 'monkey mind' instead of keeping it full and jammed. Perhaps of anxiety ridden throughts and potentially that all delibrating depression, if we are intent on clinging onto the past. In order to keep that crucial equilibrium of the mind, (and indeed when we master this, then we can easily master all facets of the human body) we need to regularly come out of the mind - and into our senses.

So how do we do this? It's very simple. Through connecting back to all of the major senses in our bodies - breath, taste, sight, sound, touch and smell. Fully. It's not major science - what you are doing is simply coming out of your mind and into a practical activity so here's the good news. Drum roll.....anyone can master this! Take an experiment with yourslves and lie down in a relaxing room to give this a go. Use the breathe to physically relax the body, intentfully release tension and then take your time rotating around the body and connecting with each sense fully. Not rushing and really feeling the experience and observing what happens. No judgement but just noting. Observing your sensations. Become the watcher of your thoughts. Nothing more - nothing less.

Others use meditation, exercise, yoga at home, yoga classes or journaling, self-care, writing, singing, running, dancing, the arts, gardening and so on to improve their emotional and mental bodies. These are all excellent ways to come out of the mind and into your bodies fully. It's an activity than engages you. The mind is somewhere else.

Let us know whether you have any top tips to share? We value your feedback and opinions. Please feel free to add your comments here and what mindfulness means to you. After all - we are all in this together.

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And if you can't make the yoga courses, here are some links to some of our re-balancing treatments, Chakra Mediatation is a real favourite...and for those that love massage, especially focused on the crown chakra, we have a really popular range of Indian Head Massage treatment to explore.

Happy browsing, keep positive and grounded, despite any external circumstances that may try to knock you off or out of your 'centre'....



Keeping going.

Peace and lurve,

Nina x

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