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Staying grounded through adversity...

It's a trying time for everyone right now. We are all facing many challenges as a collective. Across the entire globe we are facing health challenges, wealth challenges, new laws and restrictions to adhere to, including rapid switches to these and major changes to our own personal routines and lives. I do hope that you are all coping and that your families, friends and loved ones are staying well and healthy.

I wanted to share some top tips for staying grounded during this time so that whatever hardships and obstacles you currently face, you can stay anchored and cope as best you can. Building strong foundations in order to cope is especially important right now so I hope this helps a little.

One really important technique is to tap into the breath when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. This helps you come back to your center and increases body awareness. Think of it as coming out of your mind and into your senses. The good news is that there are many breathing techniques out there to research online and you can find one that really works for you. One very useful technique is to count reps for equal breathing, inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Equal breathing is an easy technique that anyone can use. It's easy and simply and cuts through anxiety very quickly. Breathe as deeply as you can, slowly and be conscious about taking this breath all the way into the abdomen, and out again. Try to avoid breathing from the chest only as this is shallow breathing and can exacerbate panic attacks. It simply does not allow the body to get enough oxygen in. This makes us feel tired and lethargic throughout the day. Happy full breathing and anchoring - you'll be amazed at how switching to conscious deep breathing can improve all facets of your health and energy levels.

Full body scanning. This is another great technique for grounding the body and the mind by increasing body and mind awareness. A meditation technique that is not terribly woo-woo! Again this is fantastic at grounding your entire being, mind, body and soul and particulary good at quietening down a rebellious and fractious mind. Find a calm, quiet and comfortable place to lie down for at least 15 minutes. Take a scan of the entire body, front side first, ankle, right and left, then shins, left and right, then thighs, right - left, working up the abdomen, chest cavity, throat, skull, jaw, top of the head etc. Just observe how the body feels and notice any thoughts as move up throughout the body. Try not to judge these thoughts - good or bad but just make a mental note of how that body part feels. Use a slow and deep breath throughout - and then work all the way down the entire body on the back side. You can add to the experience by wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket, burning some lovely essential oils and playing soothing music. Allow yourself time so you will not be rushed or disturbed.

Move your physical body. Moving the body about and shaking off stagnant energy or stiffness will actively encourage your body to anchor itself. Even if you are not into fitness, try to gently stretch, go for a walk, or choose any activity that will elevate your endorphines and make you feel happy by moving your being. If you are too still or have limited movement throughout the day your body and mind will not feel connected to the earth beneath you so try to incoporate as much movement into the day and your body, if you start to feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend yoga, and have some fantastic courses for balancing the entire energetic system, ideal for grounding your mind and soul during times of adversity. Please see my latest courses here:

AND also:

Get out into nature! Everyone can do this and it's free. We are actually very much part of nature by simply being part of the human race. We regularly need to plug into our surroundings in order to feel connected. How often do we rush around on auto-pilot? It's time to slow down and take it all in. I personally love being in the woods but you can take a trip to the beach, take a hike in the hills or simply visit the local park for a nice wander. Stop and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and really absorb everything. Nature gives us a heathly perspective on our human experience and we all feel happier after a lovely dose of spending time with Mother Nature. Use the free wordly gifts we have been given by the higher power above to give yourself comfort and security as often as you can.

There are many other tips, tricks and techniques to keep yourself grounded while greater challenges are hanging around us and making us feel off kilter. I recommend Reiki, massage and cyrstal healing also and regularly use Hematite in my treatment room when a client needs a good old dose of re-balancing and grounding. You can easily research the benefits of his healing gem online and purchase for yourselves. I do highly recommend this stone for bringing you back down to earth and to help you feel more stable and secure. I often feel as though this magical gem is pinning me down, it's that powerful!

I could write on this subject for hours but I'll leave it there as you can find out much more information online. I do hope some of these tips help.

Wishing you and your loved ones health, wealth and lots of anchoring goodness.


Nina x

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