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Tired all the time?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Many of my clients visiting my home studio recently are turning up and complaining of experiencing lots of fatigue and tiredness so I thought I would write a blog to offer some top tips to dealing with low energy levels and how these can be improved. There is undoubtably alot to contend with externally right now with the ever changing world challenges that the last 18 months have given us, whether these have been financial challenges, emotional challenges or health related - unfortunately they all contribute to depleting your vitality. So what can be done about it?

The first thing is to take a realistic stock check of your daily routine and lifestyle.

Sleep. This is an obvious one but are you actually getting the right amount of sleep? It's not only about getting the 6-7-8 hours and the right amount for you depends from person to person, but it is also the quality of your sleep and your routine.

Getting to bed at the same time routinely improves your cortisol levels and drives down this stress hormone that can make you feel lethargic and cranky. This is also the pesky hormone that stores extra fat around your mid trunk so if its out of whack you will be too... make sure you are getting to sleep at the same time, preferably 10-10.30pm.

Your Circadian rhythm is the cyclical 24-hour period of your total activity each day. Within the circadian cycle, a person usually sleeps approximately 8 hours and is awake 16. The cycle is controlled by a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which is the master center for integrating rhythmic information. If you keep your sleep pattern consistant then you will get a better quality of sleep and feel less tired.

Water. Another obvious one but it is almost always overlooked. Why? Because we are busy bees in a busy world and water consumption is a thing that we forget. Try to aim for 8 glasses a day as dehyration can creep up on you without you noticing and it really will deplete your energy reserves.

Supplements. Yes, these can really help improve your energy and they are not just a placebo. Which ones I hear you say? There are so many on the market it can be really overwhelming to start off. However, it's alot of fun finding out! I have given you a few recommendations for these below but please note I am not a doctor and you will need to do your own research on these, taking all others medications you are currently taking into account. You can always check with your GP if you are unsure about supplements and any current medications you are taking.

I highly recommend adaptogens for improving the health of your adrenal glands because if these are strung out your are going to need some support to get your vitality back on track. I recommend Ashwagandha, Rosea Rhodiola and also a high quality liquid iron and my all time favourite Nascent Iodine. All can be purchased online and I would encourage you to research these before taking them. I take these every day and they really help when you have a busy lifestyle and want to improve energy levels. They also help to improve sleep and decrease general stress levels by helping provide a little buffer so your body can cope with all the challenges it is faced with.

Exercise. Yep, you knew it would be on here and here it is. When you are suffering from lots of tiresness or perhaps even Chronic Fatigue it is really important to choose your exercise wisely. A run for 26 miles is not going to help improve your energy levels and actually you can make things worse. Listen to your body and engage in sporting actitivites that will not deplete you and not make your energy lower but instead experiment and try low impact, yoga, strength training, power walking, walking uphill, weight training that keeps the cortisol levels low. Low cortisol = less stress in the body and mind = less tiredness and more energy! I would like to add in here a shameless plus for my yoga classes that are actually designed to energise the mind, body and entire energetic system. I weave in master level Reiki into all of my classes which is the ideal way to prep up and heal a tired body and mind Please more information on my yoga classes and courses here, drops in are accepted if there is enough space.

Hot yoga is also recommended to detox from an imbalance in hormone fluctuation that may be causing tiredness. Check out our latest hot yoga course in Cheltenham here.

Reiki healing. This is obviously another plug but Reiki is truly absolutely amazing at filling your body with new, vital energy and it is known as the ultimate 'life force energy'...I highly encourage you to try a session to see for yourself if you are struggling with tiredness. For more information on my energy healing sessions in Cheltenham (or via distant healing sessions) please visit:

I hope the above tips are helpful and can give you a leg up to getting over that 'tired all the time' feeling. It's something that can really wreck havoc in your every day life so please share if anyone needs this information or you think it can help someone you know.

Sending healing vibes and blessings to all!


Nina x

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