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Nickie Holmes 

My skin has looked and felt amazing this weekend.  I only washed the oils off yesterday but it’s glowing.  I haven’t felt the need to wear much make-up!

 My energy level has increased and I feel fantastic and most importantly, I do not feel overwhelmed anymoreThank you so much. Lots of love, Nickie xx

Alexandra Balster

One of the most relaxing massages! Booked straight away for my next one!

Samantha Fisher

Just had my first visit to Yin-Yang and WOW!! Had a fantastic treatment 'Starry Sky Shoulders', felt instantly relaxed and de-stressed. Can't wait to come again. Thank you so much
















Samantha Neades

I was treated yesterday to a facial and mini Reiki session by Nina - it was amazing! Lovely products were used and the treatment space was so very relaxing; just what I needed to ease my stressful mind.
Today my skin feels wonderful; the problem areas are already looking better and it feels super soft. My Reiki treatment was a first and definitely something I'd like to explore further - I'm definitely booking in again soon! Thank you Nina <3 xxx

Sali Green
“Since my Reiki treatment with you, my headaches are vastly improved.. pretty much gone!! xxxx Thank you so much!”

Helen Chislett
“Thank you Nina for our reiki session, you did such a fantastic job! I had sinusitis which did not shift with a weeks worth of antibiotics, after another week of terrible head pain, Nina told me to try Reiki! With one session I kid you not, the pain completely went in my head..and has stayed away! I phoned my doctors to tell them I didn’t need the extra antibiotics I ordered! What a great natural way to relieve pain, stress etc. I would definitely recommend Nina. xx”


Becky Cook
“Have just had my first ever Reiki Treatment and can’t put into words just how amazing it was – I have never felt so relaxed and chilled but completely energised at the same time. If you’re feeling stressed I would highly recommend this treatment in a flash, and Nina is a great therapist – thank you for an amazing hour!”

Nick Reynolds

Amazing massage, fantastic service, never felt so relaxed after a massage before. Highly recommended!!

Tess Mion

I had my first Reiki/crystal and yoga Rock your Om sesh with gorgeous Nina, possibly the best way to spend my day! Nina has a beautiful gift and her pre-yoga Reiki session was divine, tuning in and balancing my chakras I was ready for the brilliant Vinyasa yoga session that followed. I felt strong and present, really in the flow, was amazing. Ending with more Reiki I left relaxed, open, happy and feeling so grounded it was exactly what I needed. I slept better that night than in ages! Such a beautiful combination of energy healing, connection, intuition, asanas, relaxation and balancing, I can't wait for another session next time I'm in town! Thank you gorgeous girl xxx

Emma King
“Super excited to be able to spread the word! I recently was lucky enough to be in the capable healing hands of Nina. Having never had Reiki before I had no idea what to expect but never the less thought at the very least I would have an hour of child free relaxation!

I have been having regular physio treatment on my shoulders with little result. My physio was just about to start a course of acupuncture treatment as a last ditch attempt to sort my shoulders out. However after a treatment with Nina its no longer needed! My physio is pleasantly surprised at the changes in my shoulders & I am about to be discharged from their care! Amazing. I’m booked in for another session very soon. Thank you Nina x”



Sarah Gough

I had a very relaxing facial, fell asleep and came home feeling very chilling and smelling amazing. Will be going back 100%!!

Donna Hygate

I have been doing Nina's yoga classes regularly since March. I look forward to her class every week. I arrive after the school drop off generally feeling tense and 'busy' and leave an hour later feeling relaxed, calmer, stronger and mentally happier. The yoga is varied and challenging and combined with relaxation, gorgeous smelling healing oils, reiki and crystal healing. I would strongly recommend to anyone thinking about starting yoga or indeed supplementing their current yoga journey to give Nina a go.

Emma Whitelaw
Being an owner and MD of two companies, I rarely have any spare time. I am either working or socialising!
Like anyone who runs their own business knows, its switching your mind off which can be the problem. This is where reiki with Nina helped me immensely!
You don’t realise what switching your mind off feels like until you have reiki. Its the most peaceful, dreamy, relaxing feeling ever and I look forward to my weekly sessions with Nina.

Nina was spot on with all of my weak points. I do tend to just get on with things and ignore little aches and pains and so I didn’t give any indication. Nina had no idea what they were before she started my treatments. Well there was no hiding them! Nina accurately diagnosed my weak areas immediately and if you don’t 100% believe in the benefits of Reiki, then this is normally the turning point.
With working with Nina over the last few months, I have watched Nina do mini sessions on people and you can just see the release of emotion and relief from individuals after their treatment. It is amazing how even after one session, you can see great benefits.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into airy fairy treatments and wasn’t 100% convinced that reiki did anything before experiencing a treatment with Nina. Now, after my own experience and watching many others, I have been completely converted!
Anyone who is looking for physical or emotional healing should try a treatment with Nina. I can confidently say you will not be disappointed 😀 ”

Teresa Evans

I haven’t done yoga in over 20 years and I’ve just had the most incredible session with Nina.
I have followed her journey over the last few years and realised I needed to join her teachings.
Nina also incorporated Reiki and crystal healing which was very powerful. I came away feeling like I was floating.
You don’t need to worry about making the wrong moves either, everything just seems to follow.
Highly recommended and I will definitely be attending again.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your teachings!

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