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As an employer, you have a duty to look after your employee’s wellbeing. Your organisation’s success depends on it.

Because when your employees are happier and healthier, they work harder, get better results, and there’s a much more pleasant atmosphere in your workplace.

Wellbeing at work: The benefits:


Focusing on wellbeing at work can benefit your business by helping working individuals to feel happy, competent and satisfied in their roles. Evidence shows that people who achieve good standards of wellbeing at work are likely to be more creative, more loyal, more productive and provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of wellbeing at work. 


More benefits that employees or executives experience during a wellbeing at work program include:

  • Strengthening their personal resources

  • Flourishing and take pride in their roles within the organisational system

  • Functioning to the best of their abilities, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues

  • Having a positive overall experience of work

We provide tailored Wellbeing packages and experiences for Executives and Employees across the Cotswolds. We offer a free consultation meeting to find out how we can help your workforce relieve stress, improve wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.


Simply contact us @ info@yinyangtherapies.com to arrange your consultation meeting and we will be happy to come and visit to find out more about your corporate wellbeing needs and requirements.

Did you know that we offer office massage from just £12.50 per person? Whether you are looking for an idea to incentivise your team or simply want to maintain work wellbeing and morale, an office massage can help remove stress and improve team morale. Studies have proven that happy and relaxed workers are much more productive.

Yin-Yang Therapies office massage is an affordably priced 15-20 minute fully clothed stress-busting holistic treatment. A quiet space / room for an on -site massage chair is all that is... needed and we will then massage the back, neck and shoulder areas to help relieve any tension on those stressed "work-at-desk-all-day" spots typically down the back and in between the shoulder blades, leaving the client feeling relaxed yet refreshed.

If space is an issue then we can also offer shoulder and neck massages at employees desks too if preferred, we are flexible to your working needs. We are proud to be receiving many re-bookings and great feedback from our local business clients.


We also offer Reiki therapy to remove stress and yoga classes at work, which we can also bring to your office on a regular basis. The perfect lunchtime break away from difficult clients and customers. Or perhaps you would like to organise a quarterly Wellbeing Day? We are happy to accommodate to your wellbeing needs however big or small.

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