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Join our transformational 2022 - 12 month training program to train to Reiki Master level....including Reiki 1st degree, Reiki 2nd degree and Reiki Masters....all for just under £100 per month! Click here to Plans and Pricing for more info...

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Reiki training with Yin-Yang Therapies, Reiki Training Cheltenham, Reiki Student

Reiki Training Cheltenham 

Level 1 (Shoden) | Level 2 (Okuden) | Masters

                    The Usui system of Natural Healing

What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing system that is completely natural. The energy is transmitted by simply placing your hands (and intention) on the client. Reiki is a truly sustainable energy, the more you give to other people, the more energised you become.

Reiki can heal your life, in a truly encompassing sense. Not only does it stimulate your body's innate healing abilities and deal with physical ailments, it goes right down to the root of the issue, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Reiki helps to relax and cope with stress, harmonising the body and mind, and aids meditation. Reiki kick starts a detox process in the body, helping to rid itself of the toxins we take in every day. That's why we need lots of water post-treatment. Reiki increases intuition and helps you become more aware of your life's purpose. Reiki is not a religion and anyone can become a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki will change your life. Once you feel the cosmic flow of energy coming out of your palms and witness the effect it has on anything it touches or flows to, you will begin to understand how universal energy is abundant - and if we can learn how to channel and tap into this, we have a gift for life - and one that will change your life and other around you, substantially.








Reiki level 1 (Shoden) is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their own self-healing, sharing this with friends and family. It also opens up the gateway to Reiki Practitioner level 2 (Okuden), allowing you to practice Reiki professionally. Each course is just one day, but the real experience and personal/professional growth with using this healing system successfully comes with daily/ regular practice. We strongly recommend a 3 month gap between completing level 1 & 2. Please note we offer several affordability packages below as we believe the gift of Reiki should be accessible to everybody, we highly recommend our Gold package which offers ongoing and unlimited support as per below. 

Reiki 1st Degree £295 - One day course in Cheltenham,

includes full Reiki training, Reiki Attunement

Fully certified with official certificate to take away

Plus detailed Reiki manual to keep -

Ensuring you have everything you need

On your path with Reiki healing...

Reiki 2nd Degree is £325 - One day course in Cheltenham, 

This is the 'Practitioner Level' - OR you may take

this level just to increase your healing abilities and

Continue to expand and grow your Reiki journey


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or simply for more info 


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NEW Reiki Training courses in Cheltenham, UK

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Group training please

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Reiki refresher courses available

  Usui Trained Reiki Master & Advanced Reiki Teacher and

Advanced Reiki Training Cheltenham

Fully certified

Reiki Personal & Certification Training in Cheltenham |

Level 1 (Shoden) | Level 2 (Okuden) | Masters

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